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Sorry To Interrupt

This page was a lot of fun to colour. I missed the red Abbass wears.

Where Have You Run

New character, new scenery.

(I am a dummy, I accidently published this under blog. Whoops!)

Thank You, Lady

Had a hard time deciding what sort of “framing” I’d use for flashback/past sequences. Finally settled on grayscale, though I think I’d want to transition into full color if it was anything longer than a few panels or so. We’ll see when we get there, eh?

Next page has a change of scenery, and a new character! Woo!

Hello Again

This week on Deck of Fools!
Garth goes to Hell.

Hi Giant Headless Dead Bug! Do you know Giant Headless Skeleton? You do? In fact you appeared on a page together? In a flashback? Where you both had heads?
Well whadda ya know…

Could That Always do That

Garth, are you seriously telling me that thing isn’t just set decoration?

Good Luck

Welcome to Chapter Two! I promise we’ll get a change of scenery soon. Shit’s about to get weird.

Dee I Don’t Know

Deck of Fools Page 60

60 pages and that’s the end of chapter One!!! Oh boy! Oh boy!