A Monthly 18+ Fantasy Webcomic

Did it get Fancy or What?

Welcome to the new Look!
I guess I’m a Web Designer or something now?
This shiny new WordPress theme was made entirely by me! My first bit of PHP coding for a project. It’s a little wobbly around the edges, but I’m much more comfortable tweaking it now that I know what went into it. I ditched the Comic Easel Plugin since I wasn’t using more than ten percent, max, what it offered and just put in some post categories and custom loops. Pretty easy, but I had to re-make all the scheduled comic posts, which was irritating. I haven’t mentioned that have I? I made a huge buffer, Deck of Fools is all set to run through ’til October 16th in updates. Can’t slack off now though, I’ve a lot of course work to do.
Also! The Website! It’s responsive! You can read it on any size monitor and the whole thing will adjust!
You might notice that there’s some empty pages in the menu. Fear not, I’ll fill them up in the next week or so.
Thanks for reading!

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