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Deck of Fools Page 34


By “Earlier…” you should take it to mean that this page is contemporaneous with the very beginning of the comic. Hence why our good friend the Giant Headless Skeleton is back.

Oh, I’ve been so excited for this page.
Well, I mean, not this page specifically.
But damn, every time I’ve tried to tell this story before I always stopped right before Garth’s introduction.
This page was rather difficult in the making; three new characters, three new color palettes, new setting, lots of fancy angles. Plus evenly-spaced-circular panels.
By the by, the fancy new fortress-thing is the “city” of Shir. I think it gets named directly in a few pages, but I always find location changes disorienting so I thought I’d let you know.
You can see it in the background of a few (two I think? or three?) of the previous pages, back in the fields.

Also, also, I think I might have enough pages now to start hosting Project Wonderful ads. I’m going to look into that…

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